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Tennis Link Captain's Tools

By MTA, 01/15/18, 1:15PM EST



Log into Tennis Link using your email address and password - you must be logged in to access the captain's tools.

1.  A listing of all your teams will be in the middle of the page.  Click on the team you are captaining.

2.  A page will come up showing the teams in your flight.  There are five tabs listed across the top of the team standings.  The current tab is "Team Summary".  Clicking on the other tabs will provide the following information:

TEAM SUMMARY (current tab):  Shows all the teams in your flight, your teams match schedule, and all of your players.

MATCH SUMMARY:   Shows match ID's, dates, and scores for all of your team's matches.

MATCH SCHEDULE:   Provides a detailed summary of your seasons' match schedule.

PLAYER ROSTER:  Provides names, USTA #'s, expiration date, address, phone number, number of matches played, and number of wins by defaults for all of your players.

CAPTAIN'S REPORT:  Provides the name, address, phone number, and email address for all captains in your flight.

*Note that "Player Roster" & "Captain's Report" are only visible to Captains.

**Please check to be sure all of your personal information is correct.